Testing and Treatment

Anyone can do a test but it takes an experienced doctor to interpret the results.  Not everyone needs an allergy test so every patient sits down for a consultation first with Dr. Stadtmauer to hear their story and concerns.  Testing leads to targeted treatment of the patients condition.  Tests offered at our office include:


  • Allergy Skin Tests (for airborne and food allergy)  
  • Allergy Blood Tests (to foods including advanced component allergy tests for peanut and other major food allergens)
  • Lung Function Testing
  • Allergic Airway Inflammation test (FeNO)
  • Patch Testing to Chemicals (for rash evaluation)
  • Drug Allergy Testing including Penicillin, Local Anesthetic and others
  • Insect allergy testing
  • Rhinolaryngoscopy (video inspection of nose and throat)
  • Food and Drug Challenges
  • Immune Function Testing


  • Severe Asthma Management
  • Eczema Management
  • Medical management of nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis
  • Immunotherapy- Allergy Shots (including Accelerated/Abbreviated protocols) 
  • State of the Art Advanced “Biological” Treatments for Severe Asthma, Hives, Eczema and Nasal Polyps (subject to insurance approval)
  • Management and Treatment of Antibody Deficiency Diseases
  • Management of Chronic Cough
  • Management of severe hives