About My Practice


  • Professionalism (medical care meeting the highest standards of the profession)
  • Courtesy
  • Punctuality-appointments are on time. We know your time is valuable and we will not keep you waiting long for your appointment)
  • Availability–Often we are able to give you the same or next day appointment in emergency cases.

Approach to patient care

  • Comprehensive and individualized care–each patient is unique and is treated as such.
  • Testing and treatment is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Allergy and asthma care are interrelated. We believe in treating the entire airway from nose to throat and lungs as one continuous respiratory system.
  • Integrated consultation–we communicate with your primary care doctor and have a network of trusted consultants in other fields.

Goals of this web site

  • Education-an overview of major allergic diseases.
  • Are there some general questions you forgot to ask during your visit? Perhaps the answer can be found here.