Mosquito Allergy

Mosquito Bite

Are you a mosquito magnet?  Subtle variations in heat, movement and the carbon dioxide in our exhaled breath may explain why you are a target.    It is only the female that feeds since she needs a blood meal to produce eggs.  To feed she inserts her long proboscis into a tiny skin blood vessel.  She injects her saliva which contains proteins that prevent clotting—but that also elicit an immune response.

Normal Mosquito Reaction

Reactions to mosquitoes:

This is a normal reaction to a mosquito bite.  A small hive at the site is typical. 

Abnormal reactions are more swollen, blistered or ulcerated.   Rarely mosquito bites lead to anaphylaxis.

Treatments of allergic reactions to mosquito bites:

Antihistamines may reduce itching and steroid creams may also be helpful.   Occasionally, oral steroids are required.  Long term management may include allergy injection therapy which has not been formally studied but anecdotal reports suggest that this is an effective approach.

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